Apollo Performing Arts & Academy

Robin Pandey

As the founder and director of Apollo Performing Arts & Academy, Mr. Pandey is a renowned leader in the performing arts industry. He has extensive experience in the fields of music, film, meditation and mathematics, having recorded music and made films, and taught math, meditation and music. In addition, Mr. Pandey brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his time as a Project/Program Manager for Fortune 500 companies. With a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology, Mr. Pandey is not only a leader in the performing arts industry but also an expert in business.

Reema Sharma

Ms. Reema brings a unique blend of artistic passion and technical expertise to the classroom. A graduate of Plano High School, Reema excelled in art and even received recognition in an art competition during her studies. However, her intellectual curiosity also led her to obtain a degree in computer science from the University of North Texas. Despite venturing into the world of technology, Reema's true calling lies in the field of art. Driven by an unwavering passion, she decided to share her love of art with others by becoming an art teacher. Her combined background of technical knowledge and creative expression allows her to approach art education with a fresh eye and inspire students to explore their own artistic journeys..

man standing near white wall
man standing near white wall

Drew David

Drew David has been passionate about music all his life. He has been playing guitar and drums for over 15 years and loves sharing his musical talent with students. Mr. David decided to become a music teacher to pass his love of music on to the next generation. He has extensive experience teaching guitar and drums to students of all ages and abilities. His classes focus on teaching solid fundamentals while keeping things fun and interesting. Mr. David develops customized lesson plans to help each student progress at their own pace. His patient and encouraging teaching style helps build students' confidence and skills. When he is not teaching, Mr. David enjoys performing in local bands and concerts. Mr. David is currently not available.

Suresh Parajuli

Suresh Parajuli's passion for music and audio technology began at a young age, driving him to pursue an undergraduate degree in Music Technology from the University of Minnesota and further honing his skills with a Master's degree from Purdue University. As the dedicated audio engineer at Apollo Performing Arts & Academy Inc., Suresh brings his exceptional talent, advanced knowledge, and expertise to capture every performance and recording session with utmost precision and clarity. With a keen ear for detail, deep understanding of acoustics, and the ability to meticulously craft rich, vibrant soundscapes, he elevates artistic experiences for performers and audiences alike. Suresh's technical prowess coupled with his artistic sensibilities allows him to collaborate seamlessly with artists, bringing their creative visions to life with exceptional audio quality.

Suniksha Mainali

Ms. Mainali, a highly experienced dance, modeling, and acting instructor. With many years of teaching experience, Ms. Mainali is now offering a variety of classes in these fields and has limited slots available.

By enrolling in her classes, you will have the opportunity to benefit from her expertise and improve your skills in dance, modeling, and acting. Ms. Mainali's knowledge and experience will help you reach your desired goals and achieve success in these fields. Don't miss this chance to learn from one of the best, enroll now! Ms. Mainali is currently is booked and not avaliable. Contact us to be in waiting list.