Apollo Performing Arts & Academy

band playing musical instruments

Our Program is Music

Love Music? So do we.  Here at the Apollo Performing Arts and Academy we have passion and reputation for teaching students music and performing live. 

Regular Program:
1. Guitar Lessons 
2. Piano Lessons 
3. Drum Lessons

4. Violin Lessons
5. Vocal Lessons and more

All students have opportunity to showcase talent at Apollo Talent Show two times in a year.

Apollo Rockstar Kids Program:
Students learn to perform live and perform once a month either at a venue or online.

Special Program:
1. Apollo Meditation Lessons
2. Acting, Modeling Lessons

Meditation lessons for school students to relax, increase productivity and improve grades. Our active productive Apollo Meditation helps to enhancing memory and velocity learning to improve school grade or perform well and get promotion at work or make your business more successful than what is currently doing.

Serving Frisco, Plano, Prosper, Little Elm, McKinney, TX