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Welcome to Apollo Performing Arts and Academy Music School! We are a top-notch music school for both children and adults, offering classes in a variety of instruments and styles. Our mission is to provide our students with the finest music education available, enabling them to grow and develop their skills in a creative and enjoyable learning environment.
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At Apollo, we take pride in our Rockstar Kids (ARK) who have been performing live even in the midst of the pandemic. Since the start of the pandemic, ARK has only performed a few times in-person for audiences, yet they have still managed to hone their music and performance skills through live online performances on social media platforms. We are proud of our students for their dedication to their musical and performing skills, regardless of the amount of likes or views they receive. Twice a year, all our Apollo students get the opportunity to perform live and showcase their talents.

cars parked in front of building during nighttime
cars parked in front of building during nighttime

Music makes life enjoyable. 

Can you imagine a life without music? Your kids deserves music lessons to enjoy.  Contact us today to schedule your child's music intro lesson. 

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